Newly found files add intrigue and depth

grandpa young adult

“Adventure is routine with us now, only time things are dull is when the engine is running,” my Grandfather wrote home to his mother. I have been diving in to my Grandfather’s writing, letters home, and “personal abstract” written later in life. Even though he passed away in 2010, I am very lucky that he […]

Myth and Memory in Postwar France: Why Museums?


In my last post, I explained that while WWII inspired fewer memorials, it did become the primary focus of many historical museums. To refresh your memory, one author estimates that 140 out of a possible 180 – 200 museums about the Franco-German wars are about World War II. But why? There are many possible explanations, each more interesting than […]

American War Poetry: A Recap

Literature is frequently rooted within historical events and American poetry is no exception, with much of American poetry having its inspiration in war. A significant evolution in American war poetry occurred through the historic milestones of World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Poetry from these wars do have much in common; shared […]