Abstract: Painting Feminist Issues via Symbolism

         For an art movement characterized in part by the ubiquitous female form, there is an astounding lack of information on the female artists who shaped Symbolism. I will learn about the movement itself, feminine issues prevalent during the period, and the lives of five female artists – Elena Polenova, Maria Yakunchikova, Frida Kahlo, Evelyn De […]

Women in STEM Summary

At this point, the paper has been written, edited by my advisor, and is expected to be its final form by this coming Monday. A few minor edits and points of reorganization will be incorporated into the discussion section. All told, this project was a fulfilling and enriching experience, and I am happy to share […]

Conclusion – Women and Mathematics: The Effect of Teaching Practices on Girls’ Mathematical Confidence

I have submitted my literature review to my advisor for the last time! Here in my last post I won’t go over my literature review in full detail since I’ve already done that in updates one, two, and three, but as a quick summary I looked into the effects of different mathematical pedagogies on female […]