More time, more time, my kingdom for more time!

Hello again! One week (okay, 4 days–eek!) left, one more blog post to go, a whole laundry list of things to accomplish. (Plus, you know, packing for school and writing a thesis proposal and getting ready for theatre auditions and all that jazz. No big deal.) My goal for this week is to finish all […]

Goodness Grace-ious me!

Post #3! And it’s only…um…2 weeks since my last post! Oops I should probably pick up the posting pace. Anyways! I’m here in D.C. for the week, seeking new intellectual stimulation at the fabulous [read as: intimidating] Library of Congress. I know that for everyone who lives near D.C. (so 90% of William & Mary) […]

Imagining the Financial Crisis in Contemporary Irish Drama: Contemporary Irish Play Collections

The fifth and final source of information for my research came from collections of Irish plays published in the past couple of years, namely The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Irish Plays: ‘This is just this. This isn’t real. It’s money.’  and Tiny Plays for Ireland.  Both of these collections feature many new and less-produced playwrights […]