Update 1: Complex Invasion Sports and Complex Models

Having now come back from my two years in Scotland as part of the Joint Degree programme, I am excited to get started on my summer research on the added value of defensive players in the NFL. I have intended to begin with a literature review so that I can see the variety of approaches […]

Abstract: Integration of Advanced Analytics into University Athletics

As advanced analytics are being slowly incorporated into businesses of all industries and applications, the world of sports remains polarized. There are some who have embraced using player performance data—the most prominent example being 2003’s Moneyball. However, there are some schools of thought that reject using analytics, citing that an athlete’s performance cannot be reduced […]

Abstract: Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge

This project will involve both a descriptive and a prescriptive element. I intend to describe, as accurately as possible, how modern Americans actually conceive of forgiveness, mercy, and revenge, and thus to reveal the role these concepts play in our collective imagination. I will analyze popular media and related media criticism to demonstrate that certain […]