Final Summary of Research

My research this summer was a highly rewarding experience. I completed the project having learned lots about the intersection between disability studies and political theory – fields that together, I’ve realized, have the potential to reconstruct social and political understanding of the value of the lives of people with disabilities. My findings, which demonstrated a strong medical […]

Michael Sparrow – Ainulindalë: The Music of the Gods – Wrapping Up

“In the midst of this strife, whereat the halls of Ilúvatar shook and a tremor ran out into the silences yet unmoved, Ilúvatar arose…and his face was terrible to behold. Then he raised up both his hands, and in one chord, deeper than the Abyss, higher than the Firmament, piercing as the light of the […]

Michael Sparrow – Ainulindalë: The Music of the Gods – Blog Post 3

Figure 1: Peace Theme

“Now Ilúvatar sat and hearkened, and for a great while it seemed good to him, for in the music there were no flaws. But as the theme progressed, it came into the heart of Melkor to interweave matters of his own imagining that were not in accord with the theme of Ilúvatar; for he sought […]