Electrophysiological correlates of age-related changes in spatial working memory (Summary)

Thanks so much to anyone who kept up with this project on the blog! In case you missed a post (or if this is the first one you’re reading), here’s what I’ve been up to this summer… I was continuing the research we’ve been working on in Professor Kieffaber’s Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab. We spent the […]

That’s a Wrap!

Summer Holiday (well, at least this version of it) is officially done! I never would have thought that this process would be as involved as it was. I even simplified quite a bit from my original plan, and I still ended up in a bit over my head. I didn’t at all anticipate having to […]

A Summary

I have finished my story map. Actually, finished is a loose term because I hope to get some feedback on it before trying to share it more broadly, but I have finished enough that I have a product I am very proud of. When I last posted I was still struggling to find a direction […]