Argentine and U.S. interviews – interesting discussions with student political leaders

Besides surveys, the other primary component of my Monroe project is interviews with students who lead or have led (if the new leaders have not yet assumed their responsibilities) student political groups. I conducted in-person interviews at the National University of La Plata during June and have been conducting interviews at William & Mary (mostly […]

(still re-capping) Research in Argentina cont. – surveys and challenges

The main difficulty I had with the Argentine side of my research was with the surveys. The university I was involved with in Argentina was the National University of La Plata (UNLP is the acronym in Spanish), which is one of the most respected universities in Argentina and serves 90,000+ students in 17 different Faculties […]

Still catching up – initial experiences with politics in Argentina


Although I did not put it on my list per se, one of my priorities in Argentina was to experience firsthand how Argentines related to politics, especially students. One of my first experiences in that regard was attending the march in Buenos Aires on March 24, the 40th anniversary of the coup that started last […]