An Update on Player-tracking and Win Probability

This portion of my research has me delving into two important facets of my final goal. By the end, I want to estimate the contribution of a defensive player to the number of games a team wins. The majority of studies connect performance to wins by calculating a continuous value for win probability over the […]

The Importance of New Technology in Evaluating Players

Player-tracking data has become commonplace in the statistical analysis of most sports…besides football. Cameras placed on the roofs of arenas are able to track the speed, location, and trajectory of all players on the field or court in relation to the ball or puck at a rate of 10Hz. This information is extremely rich and […]

Integration of Collegiate Sports Analytics: Update 2

In what is now my third week of research, I’ve combed over dozens of sites, both official and unofficial, in order to find additional information I can use to develop a survey for NCAA athletic personnel. While it’s easy to discover sites of programs who advocate for the usage of advanced statistics, as that has […]