Final Update: Post-Dictatorship and Thoughts

Under the dictatorship, the nueva canción movement morphed into canto nuevo and then eventually into rock music. The 1980s in Chile brought on an invasion of uncensored rock music from Argentina and Chilean rock musicians, such as Los Prisioneros and Los Tres, who deftly avoided censorship through the metaphors and figurative language in their lyrics and circulated their […]

Update 2: Golpe de Estado, Dictadura, y Exilio

After the election of Salvadore Allende in 1970, the nueva canción movement grew and was fostered by the new socialist government. Allende’s platform of nationalizing Chile’s copper mines, advancing worker’s rights, furthering land reform, and reorganization of the national economy had united and mobilized the working class. Allende recognized the role of the wild popularity of […]