The Effect of Kneading Time on Irish Soda Bread Structure (Update #7)

Fun with knives and rulers!

Yesterday’s bake was over in a flash! After spending entire days on the 6 classic yeasted breads that I baked before this 7th experiment, I was shocked to be pretty much done with my Irish Soda Breads after just two and a half hours. The reason for this time reduction was not due to any sort […]

The Effect of Using Different Types of Potatoes on Irish Freckle Bread Quality (Update #6)


Look, I’m going to level with you. This experiment did not yield the quantitative data typical of a food science project. Instead, my main goal during this bake was to see if using different varieties of potatoes in a classic yeasted loaf would change any/all of the qualitative aspects of the bread itself. I used russet […]

The Effect of Water Temperature on Yeast and Baguette Rising (Update #5)

Kneading marathon!

Everyone! It’s time for one of the most famous breads in human history. You’ll be sure to find thousands of these loaves sticking out of canvas shopping bags in Paris. A french classic, a family favorite, a loaf that I may or may not have messed up many a time in my life, it’s the all-important baguette! […]