Final // The Success of Virginia Reproductive Health Legislation: A pilot study

Being finished with this project (at least for now!) is nice both because I’m finished for now and because for the first time in a while I actually get to pause and breathe and realize how much I’ve done. Surprise, surprise, doing unstructured independent research is hard. I made it particularly tough for myself by […]

Update 3 // In which the analysis produces results

Unlike in my last post, I actually have results to share! I ultimately ended up with fewer analytical conclusions than I’d hoped, because I just didn’t have much to compare. As anyone who’s been involved in reproductive health advocacy in this state would be unsurprised to hear, there just haven’t been that many bills passed […]

Update 1 // Seven weeks isn’t as long as I’d thought…

Looking back on the past several weeks, much of my work has focused on constraining my research. In my abstract post, I defined my goal for this project as “develop[ing] an understanding of the characteristics of successful reproductive health bills” and assessing “where in the legislative process other bills fail.” The phrase “reproductive health bills” […]