Economics of Faith, Race, and Religion: Data Analysis 1 (June 29-July 6)


I am proceeding with the instructions from Professor Parman. He suggested that I do both ordered logistic regressions (ologits) and regular regressions, and to also look at the residuals of my regressions. I also used bin scatters this week and worked through my missing data issue.   I started to implement my ologit and linear […]

Economics of Faith, Race and Community: Getting Started (June 6-13)

I took notes as the weeks of my project progressed. The blog posts that follow are summaries of my work, my struggles, and my overall thought progress throughout the summer project. June 6-13: Getting Started   As per my abstract, my project intends to is to replicate and then revise Jonathan Gruber’s 2005 paper that […]

Preliminary Research and Interviews

For the past few weeks, I have started gathering the sources on my reading lists, requesting more ILLs than I ever thought possible, and preparing to start observations in the coming weeks. Lots of materials have been written on the display of religion in the secular (or non secular world), so I have a lot […]