Economics of Faith, Race, and Community: Programming (June 21-28)


How exactly does religion inform decision making? Is a causal interpretation possible? This week, I begin to program into Stata with the Pew Research data. On Tuesday, I had to do some programming in Stata to calculate the religious density: to do so, I collapsed the data for the number of people of a religion […]

Economics of Faith, Race and Community: Getting Started (June 6-13)

I took notes as the weeks of my project progressed. The blog posts that follow are summaries of my work, my struggles, and my overall thought progress throughout the summer project. June 6-13: Getting Started   As per my abstract, my project intends to is to replicate and then revise Jonathan Gruber’s 2005 paper that […]

Atlanta Metro Booming Update 4


I had thought that my data cleaning was finished, but it was not. My poor personal computer works very slowly in the GIS software, so I decided to trim down all the data outside the metro Atlanta region. After doing so, I imported data mapping the interstate highways in the region, and got to work […]