Final Thoughts – Victorian Visionaries: Painting the Pre-Raphaelites for the 21st Century

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Well, I’m back in Williamsburg, which means the summer is truly over. It’s been a wonderful whirlwind of research and art, and I’m excited to see my final product completed.  I learned more than I had expected to: about the Pre-Raphaelites’ art and my own abilities. The process itself was a constructive experience in regards […]

Update 2: Victorian Visionaries: Across the Pond – Part 2

Bocca Baciata by Rossetti: Copper-haired, long-necked women became a trademark of Rossetti’s work.

I have recently returned to Virginia (which is quite a bit hotter and mosquito-ridden than England) to begin the painting portion of the project. However, I’ll finish up with a recap of my historical findings in London. I traveled to the city to experience the Pre-Raphaelites in their natural habitat, and understand how and why […]

Post 1: Victorian Visionaries: Across the Pond – Part 1

(I apologize, my efforts at photography are often shakey)

Hello all! As a refresher, my project is titled “Painting the Pre-Raphaelites for the 21st Century”, and will consist of both academic and artistic research into the early work of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Considered by some scholars the first modern artists of England, and perhaps the western world, I will make a case for their […]