Political Humor and Anxiety: Journals and Dev Tools (Update #4)

Lit review work has been going well, continuing my progress in psych-related humor research. I’m looking now at articles from┬áHumor: International Journal of Humor Research, which is an interdisciplinary journal for humor studies and generally assumes the readership doesn’t have extensive background in all of the fields involved (which is great for me). While it […]

Political Humor and Anxiety: Measure of Anxiety (Update #3)

Since my previous posts tackled the link between political humor and anxiety, the next question in my literature review is straightforward: how do we measure anxiety? As a non-psych major who typically studies government and economics, I had to do some digging. After reviewing the literature, anxiety can be split into two categories (state and […]

Political Humor and Anxiety: Processing Humor (Update #2)

Hey guys! I’ve been delving into some of the more psychological aspects of political humor in the past couple weeks and found that the field is typically split into two theories. How we process humor: Two theories There are two main theories for why political humor could be processed differently and less critically than political […]