no llores por mi Argentina (já para o Brasil!)

Going into week 4, I’m still adjusting and refining my research and methods a little but I do feel like things are coming together nicely. I spent entirely too long reading a book about the history of Argentina—I learned a ton, but it was also hella time-consuming for something that is really just for background […]

The Importance of Discounting

In my finance class during the foundation semester – the “block” – at the business school, the most fundamental concept we learned is called Time Value of Money. This principle can be summarized by the statement that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. If you offer me $100 today versus $100 […]

Modeling the Effects of Enforcement Spending on International Narcotics Policy Outcomes — Final Summary of Research

I have just finished writing a final report of my research and statistical modeling analysis. I have included the introduction, methodology, results, analysis, and conclusion sections from the paper below with the regression outputs and residual plots omitted (because of formatting issues with this blog). Anyone interested in learning more, reading the full report, or seeing the full bibliography, can contact me […]