Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge Update 2: Strange, Eclectic, and Occultic Sources

In this blog post, I’ll describe a few more sources which will inform my later work on forgiveness and revenge. In his psychology book, Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct, Michael McCullough argues that revenge and forgiveness are contextual adaptations which resulted from natural selection because of their capacity to resolve certain interpersonal […]

Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge Update 1: Reading About Revenge

[Note: I wrote most of the content in the first two blog entries on July 7th, and am only now editing them and filling in more information to post them. They still reflect my perspective from one month ago.] In my abstract, I wrote that I would first describe the metaphysical nature of forgiveness, mercy, […]

Days 1-16: A Slow Start

I’d hoped I’d be further in the writing, or even reading process by now. I’ve only (almost) finished one book, The Myth of Morality by Richard Joyce, which was excellent material. The source of my slow start was not procrastination, but instead an issue with my research process. I had planned to read without annotating […]