Wildcrafting Our Queerness: Metronormativity Primer (Update #3)

During my conversation with Mamone (@queerappalachia), they succinctly pointed out that, both historically and currently, “everybody has a hot take about Appalachia.” Following the 2016 election especially, news outlets, the memoir-industrial complex (I’m looking at you, J.D. Vance), and popular media have all looked to Appalachia and rural areas as a scapegoat for their political […]

Wildcrafting Our Queerness: Travels with Maxwell (Update #2)


While the most exciting element of my trip was meeting, talking to, and generally surrounding myself with scores of interesting people, these folks didn’t just come to my little apartment in Morgantown.  Rather, I spent a lot of quality time with the highway as I drove all over West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky.  One major […]

Wildcrafting Our Queerness: A Quick Cast of Characters (Update #1)


After about six weeks of living in West Virginia, travelling all across the state and the broader Appalachian region as a whole, and meeting a seemingly unending stream of fascinating and wonderful people, I have finally returned to Virginia to begin the less glamorous but equally as necessary period of consolidating all of the oral […]