Bias in Machine Learning Through Natural Language: Research Summary

This was certainly the most complex and multifaceted project that I’ve ever worked on. From my initial foray into keras and machine learning, watching tutorials and reading articles, to being able to code and use a model, to reading about how human bias plays into big data and algorithms, to finally being able to read […]

Reading About Bias in Machine Learning: Update #7

For the last leg of my summer research project, I’ve been reading Cathy O’Neil’s enlightening novel, “Weapons of Math Destruction.” This book, as the tagline puts it, focuses on “how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy.” Yeah, I know, it’s some pretty heavy stuff- but understanding how human biases play into mathematical models and […]

Improving a Text Classifier and Generator: Update #6

As a refresher for those of you who may have missed out on part of this adventure I’ve been on, I’m attempting to find the optimal diversity value for generating text by simulating a type of neural network called a General Adversarial Network, where two models, one a generative algorithm and the other a discriminative […]