Summary Post: Goodbye My (Feathered) Friends


It has been almost two months since I finished my summer research project, and I am just now posting my summary post, but better late than never, right?   Overall, my summer research experience was a positive one- my lab partner and I worked out a lot of unforseen roadblocks, were able to use sophisticated […]

Week 7 Update: Thank U, Nest I’m So Grateful for My Eggs

I've become a bit of an expert at perpping and loading gels

It has been quite a while since I last posted (a.k.a. I got so caught up in finishing up work on campus that I completely forgot about blog posts until 15 minutes ago)! My lab partner and I had a whirlwind last couple weeks on campus. As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve been desperately waiting for […]

Week 6 Update: Hay, Ho, Let’s Go!

at the farm!

I’m a little sorry to say that me and my lab partner had a fairly uneventful week last week- no weird results or particularly exciting triumphs to report. We pretty much just kept up with our usual routine: collecting tissue samples, extracting RNA, running gels, and of course keeping up a constant stream of science-related […]