Last post pt. 2 on Lofexidine

Apparently, the 5 posts on the blog were not supposed to include the abstract. But I’m glad the people at the Charles Center were able to clarify, and luckily, there is a bit more to say about the future of the Lofexidine project. Most of the summer was used to figure out what did not […]

Modeling Accessibility of Hospitals in Malawi using GIS

The model.

In the final section of my Monroe Project, I’ve been exploring some new ways GIS can be used in interdisciplinary research in developing countries. One topic I’ve been exploring more deeply is modeling accessibility of hospitals in Malawi using GIS. It is important to know how accessible hospitals are to populations, especially in developing countries, […]

Last Post: Final thoughts on Lofexidine Project

Hello everyone, Continuing the discussion from the last post, the data on temperature insensitive cells is adequate, but the warm-sensitive cell data is lacking because they are relatively uncommon. Warm-sensitive cells aren’t found in high concentrations in any particular area so the only way to find them is to go in blind with the micropipette […]