Final Post

My time at Archipelagos is over and I am heading back to the States. Here’s a recap of everything I’ve done here. When I first arrived, I spent a few days familiarizing myself with the base and its different projects; and learning proper research techniques, such as protocols for land, snorkel, and boat surveys. Due […]

First Steps: My Introduction to Geospatial Impact Evaluations and R

To begin, I would like to apologize for my lack of updates. I have been very busy this summer, first with focusing on my Monroe project and secondly, studying abroad in England. Both were amazing experiences but these blogs will focus on what I have accomplished so far in my research and my next steps. […]

Update 3: Fieldwork Week 2 in the Dominican Republic


In my last blog post, I discussed my first week of field work in the Dominican Republic, which was spent evaluating coral cover using aerial and aquatic drones. In this post, I will discuss my second week of field work and what I have been working on since then. The second week of field work in […]