Final Reflection: Resilient Islands Project in the Dominican Republic


While working with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) this summer, I focused on three research questions. In my final post, I would like to revisit my research questions and summarize what I have learned during the past several months. 1)  What techniques are used for assessing a community’s vulnerability to climate change? I learned several different techniques […]

It’s only science if you write it down

Does that also apply to humanities? Regardless, I have to write a paper, which I always think will be easy, until I’m doing it, and I find that surprisingly, good papers are HARD. This happens to me frequently, because usually (especially in my college career) I’m writing to an audience that has little familiarity with […]

Final Summary of Research

My research this summer was a highly rewarding experience. I completed the project having learned lots about the intersection between disability studies and political theory – fields that together, I’ve realized, have the potential to reconstruct social and political understanding of the value of the lives of people with disabilities. My findings, which demonstrated a strong medical […]