How Might Direct Democracy Affect Individual Liberties?

By 1977, Justice Brennan realized that the Supreme Court moving away from the ideals of the Warren Court, and that it was retracting some of its former protections on civil liberties. Justice Brennan also noticed that the states were beginning to interpret their own constitutions’ protections more broadly than the new federal standard, in an […]

Final post: An inclusivity audit for the Science Museum of Virginia

I turned in my final report to my supervisor a few weeks ag0. I am currently waiting to hear feedback on what I produced. In the meantime, I have been reflecting on what I accomplished and planning more work with the museum for the fall semester. The report I wrote, given its breadth, did not […]

Final Update: Looking Forward

I will be continuing my research as an honors thesis in the Geology department and I am very much looking forward to the results of the research eight months from now. Looking forward, I hope to complete a pollen analysis to determine what kind of plants are present in the lake catchment. Changes in vegetation […]