The Last One: A Summary of my Monroe Project

As previously mentioned, the sample size, age range, and consistency of participation in the BalletNova summer intensive were not what I had hoped for going into my Monroe Project. The overall trends seen among the five participants in this project—being overall happy and satisfied, not reporting high levels of stress, and feeling relatively content with […]

Final Update: European Political Polarization

As I put my final touches on my research report, I want to pause and trace the route it took to here. Summer of 2015, I participated in the William & Mary DC Summer Institute Program, where I took a course focused on American political polarization taught by Professor Rapaport.  Since then, I have phenomenon […]

Summing up the summer: Yeast is yummy.


  Now that all the data’s in, I have the benefit of perspective in viewing overall patterns. If you read my previous post, you’ll remember I noted that the results yielded several interesting patterns, but more notable, patterns where they may have been. My bros (brahs? bro-inas?) Angela and Bernadette previously completed a study analagous […]