Fish Filtration Analysis: Model Analysis and Development

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                  Film Analysis The beginning of my research began with filtration analysis of our existing models. Dr. Sanderson’s lab works with four models: asymmetrical, symmetrical, conical, and cylindrical. We place these models facing laminar flow and film dye patterns. We observed interesting fluid behaviors in our models […]

In Which I Use My Funds (Productively and Proactively!)

Aside from covering my rent and groceries this summer, I initially set aside money for travel and expenses that would be involved in finding and compensating people to interview. Since that didn’t happen (see my last post), I used a large chunk of that funding for something of similar value and utility to my goals: […]

Final Post: Catalonia’s Independence Movement

Well, I’ve made it back to the ‘Burg, and I’ve also made it through a draft of my research paper on the Catalan independence movement. It’s sitting at fifty-one pages right now (apologies in advance to my advisor, who has to read the admittedly very rough version!), and I largely stuck to my outline, which […]