Post 2: Week 1-4

Hello again, Here’s my second post on this blog. I’m going to discuss the data I managed to collect in the first 4 weeks. Just a recap: First, I’m looking to isolate hypothalamic neurons with glass micropipette electrodes and then change the temperature of the rig and record any change in the frequency of the […]

Example: The Transcription Process

Transcribing is a painstakingly long process. Since I’ve been laboring over my interview transcriptions for the past two months, I thought I would use this blog to elaborate upon the many steps it takes to transcribe a sample paragraph: First, I take the audio file from the interview and write down words as I hear […]

Beyond the Bench: The Value of Extrajudicial Writings

Now that I’m well into my research essay, I finally feel ready to offer some conclusions about the value of the extrajudicial writings of Supreme Court justices for institutional analysis of the Supreme Court. My argument is that scholars should cast a critical eye over the published works of Supreme Court justices for three principal […]