Nat Geo Post: Top 5 Myths about Lionfish

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the lionfish invasion in the Western Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. With the invasion being a relatively new phenomenon (at least to most people), there’s bound to be some misinformation flying around. Below is part of my National Geographic Explorer’s Journal post about  the top five misconceptions about lionfish […]

Problem Definition Applied

I’ll start this blog post with an update of my current location – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, now nine hours into what seems to be a never-ending flight delay. I feel the need to update this page, yet am not sure of the best way in which to do so. I am in the […]

Post 3: Week 5-7

Hello again, I’m going to talk about the data from the last 3 weeks of the project. 4 sets of usable data were collected. Potentially, 8 or 9 sets of data could have been obtained, but perhaps due to older artificial cerebrospinal fluid used, neurons seemed to expend themselves metabolically too early to finish data […]