Abstract: Media Representation of Mental Health in Spain

For my summer project, I will investigate the representation of mental health in Spain by examining media portrayals of mental illness, specifically in children’s television programming and movies. I aim to gain a better understanding of how mental health is represented in the media and how these representations are expressed in Spanish culture. I will […]

The Last One: A Summary of my Monroe Project

As previously mentioned, the sample size, age range, and consistency of participation in the BalletNova summer intensive were not what I had hoped for going into my Monroe Project. The overall trends seen among the five participants in this project—being overall happy and satisfied, not reporting high levels of stress, and feeling relatively content with […]

A Super Brief Update: How I Spent Weeks 6 and 7

There’s not a whole lot on which to update everybody for the last two weeks of my project. I’ve been working on performing statistical analyses on the data I collected and compiling the results into a research paper. Re-learning how to use Excel proved to be a bit challenging and frustrating; upon figuring out which […]