Update 2: Research weeks 3-5

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During week three, I continued my research on international business in the beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Toronto. In Toronto, I met with my Aunt Lisa who worked at Tim Hortons during their expansion into American markets.  Lisa also worked at General Mills, an American firm present and successful in both Canada and the U.S.  Through […]

Update 1: (Belatedly) Sharing Insights from the Infant Formula Industry

Apologies for the delayed posting of my first blog! Since I’m both researching and interning in Washington D.C. this summer, I’m dynamically learning about time management, work-based harmony, and task completion. This blog post details the research I conducted in the first three weeks of May. Since my research process is segmented around my internship, […]

Final Post and Looking Forward: Coffeehouse Communities

Throughout the course of this summer and into this fall, I had the chance to engage with data that I really felt was relevant to present day, and my generation in particular. Sociological Research in the form of “Bowling Alone” and other works really emphasizes the fear that the sense of community that Americans once […]