Integration of Collegiate Sports Analytics: Update 3

Moving further and further towards the end of the research part of my project, it seems that I’ve hit a literary wall. While there are hundreds of articles and publications on how sports analytics have worked their way into professional leagues, it appears that I have exhausted those options regarding strictly NCAA sports. With that […]

Integration of Collegiate Sports Analytics: Update 2

In what is now my third week of research, I’ve combed over dozens of sites, both official and unofficial, in order to find additional information I can use to develop a survey for NCAA athletic personnel. While it’s easy to discover sites of programs who advocate for the usage of advanced statistics, as that has […]

Abstract: Integration of Advanced Analytics into University Athletics

As advanced analytics are being slowly incorporated into businesses of all industries and applications, the world of sports remains polarized. There are some who have embraced using player performance data—the most prominent example being 2003’s Moneyball. However, there are some schools of thought that reject using analytics, citing that an athlete’s performance cannot be reduced […]