Last post pt. 2 on Lofexidine

Apparently, the 5 posts on the blog were not supposed to include the abstract. But I’m glad the people at the Charles Center were able to clarify, and luckily, there is a bit more to say about the future of the Lofexidine project. Most of the summer was used to figure out what did not […]

Last Post: Final thoughts on Lofexidine Project

Hello everyone, Continuing the discussion from the last post, the data on temperature insensitive cells is adequate, but the warm-sensitive cell data is lacking because they are relatively uncommon. Warm-sensitive cells aren’t found in high concentrations in any particular area so the only way to find them is to go in blind with the micropipette […]

Post 3: Week 5-7

Hello again, I’m going to talk about the data from the last 3 weeks of the project. 4 sets of usable data were collected. Potentially, 8 or 9 sets of data could have been obtained, but perhaps due to older artificial cerebrospinal fluid used, neurons seemed to expend themselves metabolically too early to finish data […]