Final Update: Representation of the Intersection of Race and Gender in Young Adult and Children’s Fiction

These past few weeks I spent drafting and editing my final write-up of my research. Seeing all the pieces come together after all these weeks of research is a wonderful experience, and has allowed me to view my project with a fresh, new perspective. Just as a refresher, my project sought to answer two questions: […]

Representation of Race and Gender: Update 2

Last week I said goodbye to Williamsburg and finished coding the last books in my sample. To briefly recap, I have been researching representation of the intersection of race and gender in children’s and young adult fiction by reading and coding a sample of twenty books. These past few weeks have been incredibly illuminating. The […]

Representation of Race in Gender in YA and Children’s Lit: Update 1


I arrived back in balmy Williamsburg on May 30th, ready for my first week of research on my project Representation of Race and Gender in YA and Children’s Fiction. I used the first week to review literature relevant to my research. Primarily, I reviewed Patricia Hill Collins’ Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics […]