Findings and Reflections

My interest in aging started developing when I worked as an intern for Silver Linings Global in Taiwan. Through that internship, I had the chance to learn more about a topic that is not commonly discussed among the younger generation. I met some older adults through my internship and they demonstrated to me that there […]

Reflecting on the Center in Yokohama, Japan


What is the image that comes to mind when thinking about aging? Retirement communities? Or continuing living in the house you have lived in for the past few decades? I wanted to find out how much community support there is for those who prefer aging in place. Additionally, how does that differ for communities in […]

Obstacles Towards the Beginning

Towards the very beginning of the project, I searched for a place to do field work for my research. As part of a class on Technology for Japan’s Aging Society, we have talked about a community in which residents can enjoy and share nutritious meals together at a diner-like place. The menu changes every day […]