Abstract: Sentiment Analysis of the Confederate Statue Debate

Debate about historical figures in modern contexts is not new, but with the recent protests regarding Confederate monuments, policy makers are being forced to make very public judgments and decisions about the issue.This project seeks to determine public sentiment regarding the appropriateness of maintaining or removing confederate and other historical statues that have come under […]

More Results and Final Thoughts

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.38.37 AM

The last part of my project was to perform statistical tests with the Tmax and Salpa thompsoni abundance values. The goal was to look for significant spatial variation for either variable as well as relationships between the two throughout the 21-year time series. I cut my data set down for these tests in hopes that […]

Painting a picture with data isn’t simple

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The series of 21 paired maps offers a great year-by-year comparison, but I also wanted to see how the data from the entire time series matches up. I created interpolation maps using ArcGIS to view spatial trends on a map. I used a method called kriging to fill in the empty areas where I did […]