LGBTQ Content Filtering: Update #2

Sorry for the large delay between updates, but I’ve been able to do a lot of interesting research since my first update. I’ve continued looking into Facebook’s advertising policies, of which there has been a small but possibly important change since my last update. Last time I said that many LGBTQ ads were marked as […]

LGBTQ Content Filtering: Week 1 Update

Over the course of my project I hope to look at several social media sites, but I decided to start by looking at LGBTQ content on Facebook. So far, I’ve identified two main areas of concern: ads that get taken down for having queer themes and posts being taken down for having queer reclamations of […]

Female World War II pilots in historical fiction

I plan on writing a historical fiction piece about a romance between two women. I imagined two central characters loosely inspired by actual historical figures: a British spy working with a Resistance cell in central Europe and a Russian female fighter pilot. Sasha, the pilot, crash-lands in enemy territory, and Stella, the spy, discovers her […]