Gladstone Gladiators on Neoproterozoic Roads and Cambrian Terranes

As we began our journey from central Virginia back to Williamsburg, our team immediately began to reminisce on the last four days spent in the field. The van was smelly and weighed down with rock samples to be analyzed, elements that could only mean one thing: the “Gladstone Gladiators” (derived of course from our mapping […]

Exploring the Formation of Listwänite in the Semail Ophiolite in Oman

The term “listwänite” was first coined in the mid-1800s to describe ultramafic rocks that have been completely carbonated. Carbonation cannot happen in the lower crust or mantle – where ultramafic rocks form – due to the lack of CO2, so the process must occur after the rocks are obducted near to the surface. Therefore, listwänite […]

Mapping the Smith River Allochthon: An Enigmatic Piedmont Terrane

To most of us, the Earth’s surface is static. Humanity has so long relied on this assumption of permanence that the theory of plate tectonics was not fully accepted in the scientific community until the early 1960s. In research done since, geologists have found evidence of several ancient super continents that predate the well-known Pangea. […]