Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge Blog Post 5: (Finally) Forgiveness

When I started this project, I intended to spend an equal amount of time studying forgiveness and revenge. (I thought that mercy would naturally arise as a part of that same discussion.) Despite my original designs, revenge has dominated both my reading and my writing. I’ve almost completed three essays about revenge, and yet, with […]

Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge Blog Post 4: Two Racist Killings Under Jim Crow

[sexual assault, hate murders] I’ve finished the draft for my first essay, “Shall We Not Revenge?” That paper argues that it can be morally permissible to take revenge, and offers guidelines to make revenge less risky. I’m currently working on an essay which ties together the philosophy of anger and revenge with what I’ve learned […]

Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge Update 3: Three Revenge Hot Takes

Hey everyone, After months of reading and developing my views, I’ve finally sorted my arguments into three tentative essays. In this post, I’ll summarize the arguments I intend to make in each one. 1 – “Shall We Not Revenge?” will introduce the model of revenge which I will use throughout my project. I will define […]