Vietnamese Cuisine: Final Update

At long last, the cookbook is completed. *** This summer has been an amazing experience. I thought a research paper on the history of pho would be very simple and straightforward. In the process of writing it though, I ended up learning a lot more about Vietnamese history than I anticipated. Before I wasn’t aware of […]

Final Update & Future Advice

I finally finished my paper, “An Overview of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance with a Focus on Health Systems Strengthening.” Rather than discussing my research, I will create a list of tips that might aid future researchers. Don’t change your topic – I change my specific topic/research question twice in this process, although all of my […]

Final Report: The Economic Benefits of Connecting the Virginia Capital Trail to Williamsburg

The purpose of this study is to highlight the economic benefits that a multi-use trail that connects the Virginia Capital Trail to Colonial Williamsburg can bring. First, trails can increase business and consumer spending at already existing businesses if they are easily accessible by bikes. Second, trails generate needs that can be filled by entrepreneurs […]