Final Summary: Spiritual, Not Religious

My project is now finished, with my draft syllabus and paper explaining my goals/narrative for the course sent in to my advisor, the professor who will be teaching the course starting Spring 2019, Patton Burchett. What a wonderful whirlwind of a project! The past couple of weeks have been spent pulling together threads of themes […]

Final Summary

And so it ends… Initially, I went into this summer planning on researching the ways in which physics and religion were similar.  As the summer progressed, I realized that my initial plan was insane.  My topic was too broad, and I didn’t have a clear goal in mind.  I guess that’s what happens when your […]

Summary Post!

Well, my paper is officially one week away from the due date, and I have to say, a part of me wishes it wasn’t over! My research has been my toughest and most ambitious academic endeavor so far, without a doubt, but it’s also been the most rewarding. All that’s left to do is some […]