Blog Post #6: Updates in the final stages of research

Hi everyone! I just wanted to publish a very brief update of what I’ve been up to since my last post in late July. At this point, I feel my qualitative research is essentially complete; I’ve gone through several books, articles of political analysis, academic articles, sheets of polling data, etc. and I feel confident […]

Blog Post #5: Final reflections from Bosnia


Hi everyone! This is my fifth update from my summer Monroe grant, and I write it with renewed enthusiasm for my topic and an excited eye towards the remaining few weeks of my research. In my last blog post, I discussed my initial thoughts on how Europeans in European Union candidate countries view their country’s […]

Post 2: Case Study 1: La République Française

After conducting my background research, I started to collect and examine data at the heart of my research project, starting with the first nation that I had chosen as a case study, France. I chose France as my first case study for a variety of reasons, but there were two dominant ones. Firstly, while I […]