Post 2: Case Study 1: La République Française

After conducting my background research, I started to collect and examine data at the heart of my research project, starting with the first nation that I had chosen as a case study, France. I chose France as my first case study for a variety of reasons, but there were two dominant ones. Firstly, while I […]

Post 1: Background on European Civics Education

When starting a research project, acquiring background information on the topic of inquiry is critical, as such information aids in providing direction and structuring the line of inquiry. My project desperately desires this direction and structure, as there is a plethora of available information as I seek to understand how the European Union is presented […]

Abstract: How Europe learns about itself: Changes to Civics Education in the EU since 2008

For the last twenty years, the European Union and its member states have experienced a phenomenal change in their political dynamics. Namely, the European Union has increasingly grown in powers and abilities, coming to resemble a state in the international community. However, despite these increasing powers, the European Union as a political organization is widely […]