Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge Update 3: Three Revenge Hot Takes

Hey everyone, After months of reading and developing my views, I’ve finally sorted my arguments into three tentative essays. In this post, I’ll summarize the arguments I intend to make in each one. 1 – “Shall We Not Revenge?” will introduce the model of revenge which I will use throughout my project. I will define […]

Abstract: Forgiveness, Mercy, Revenge

This project will involve both a descriptive and a prescriptive element. I intend to describe, as accurately as possible, how modern Americans actually conceive of forgiveness, mercy, and revenge, and thus to reveal the role these concepts play in our collective imagination. I will analyze popular media and related media criticism to demonstrate that certain […]

The Civil-Military Divide on Wartime Ethics

When democracies go to war, military and political leaders are faced with a challenge. On the one hand, they must be sensitive to public opinion and perceptions of the war effort. This requires minimizing the harm inflicted upon the non-combatant population of the war zone, and respecting human rights obligations as specified in compacts such […]