Final Post and Looking Forward: Coffeehouse Communities

Throughout the course of this summer and into this fall, I had the chance to engage with data that I really felt was relevant to present day, and my generation in particular. Sociological Research in the form of “Bowling Alone” and other works really emphasizes the fear that the sense of community that Americans once […]

Third Update: Coffeehouse Communities

Unfortunately, this post is coming later than I would have liked or intended – however the end of the summer brought challenges that I did not foresee. However, despite surgery, a lost SPSS license, and W&M orientation, my research was able to get back on track at the start of the school year! I spent […]

First Update: Coffeehouse Communities

Throughout the first few weeks of my research, I studied a wide array of literature that addressed different elements of where I want to take my finished project. Ritzer’s┬áThe McDonaldization of Society discussed how scale effects have created a streamlined, efficient, and overall rationalized America. However despite the benefits of a world where there are […]