More time, more time, my kingdom for more time!

Hello again! One week (okay, 4 days–eek!) left, one more blog post to go, a whole laundry list of things to accomplish. (Plus, you know, packing for school and writing a thesis proposal and getting ready for theatre auditions and all that jazz. No big deal.) My goal for this week is to finish all […]

Goodness Grace-ious me!

Post #3! And it’s only…um…2 weeks since my last post! Oops I should probably pick up the posting pace. Anyways! I’m here in D.C. for the week, seeking new intellectual stimulation at the fabulous [read as: intimidating] Library of Congress. I know that for everyone who lives near D.C. (so 90% of William & Mary) […]

On motivation, reaching out, and making it up as you go along

Hello once more! It’s been a while since my last post, although it appears from reading other students’ blogs that that is a common theme among us student researchers (although I may just be seeing what I want to in order to make myself feel better!). I can certainly say that the time does indeed […]