Vietnamese Cuisine: Final Update

At long last, the cookbook is completed. *** This summer has been an amazing experience. I thought a research paper on the history of pho would be very simple and straightforward. In the process of writing it though, I ended up learning a lot more about Vietnamese history than I anticipated. Before I wasn’t aware of […]

Vietnamese Cuisine: Update 3

Bánh bao

The most hands-on, fun part of this research project has begun. Writing each individual recipe was more time consuming than anticipated. At this point, I plan to include 3 recipes in my cookbook. However, I may add more during the beginning of the semester if time permits. There are three main parts to completing each recipe: the […]

Vietnamese Cuisine: Update 2


During the past two months, I finished writing the research paper and performing the content analysis. I have begun formatting the cookbook and studying more recipes. Due to difficulty of finding certain ingredients in Williamsburg, it has been hard to practice the recipes I learned from my grandmother. Since I’ll be in Northern Virginia for part of […]