Conclusion: EU Membership Moving Forward

Hi everyone! Thanks for sticking with me throughout this summer journey. I’m excited today to write a very brief conclusion from my seven week of research. If you’ve been following me throughout the past three months, you know that I’ve spent time investigating the relationship between European countries’ domestic conditions and their degrees of support […]

A Matter of Taste?

There’s a line David Foster Wallace quotes from Tracy Austin’s insipid autobiography: “Tennis took me like a magic carpet to all kinds of places and all kinds of people.” He quotes it to note how the ghostwriter seems to have contributed very little to the writing quality. But, in reflecting on the Monroe project to […]

Final Blog Post: Results, Conclusions, and Lessons Learned

Seven weeks of research has gone by, and by now I have had a chance to go through all the data I’ve collected and make some conclusions. Overall as is often the case in scientific lab research, our results lead us to further questions or more in depth projects that are needed to support our […]