Summer Wrap-Up: The Newberry Library and Thesis Focusing

I finished up the summer portion of my honors research with a week-long trip to Chicago, with a day stop in Anderson’s hometown of Clyde, Ohio. I got rear-ended by an old lady outside of Hagerstown, Maryland, which put a little damper on the start of the trip, but I made it in one piece […]

Beginning Wrap Up

These last couple of weeks have been INCREDIBLY busy. I finally got the government data on first response times in different areas of the city, but it took a lot longer than expected. I had requested the data through a Freedom of Information Act request in early July, thinking it would be no problem since […]

Halfway There

After an exciting last couple of weeks, I am very happy to be feeling like my research is making a break through! ¬†This marks four completed weeks of research, and I have learned so much about healthcare in Chicago and the legal, social, and political factors that affect¬†this system during that time. One of the […]