Carbon Pricing

Climate change is the result of greenhouse gases (GHGs) being released when fossil fuels are used in the economy – usually for energy generation. GHG emissions are related to economic growth, and it is useful to consider the factors in play. The first factor is population. The second is economic growth, GDP, or per-capita GDP. […]

The Importance of Discounting

In my finance class during the foundation semester – the “block” – at the business school, the most fundamental concept we learned is called Time Value of Money. This principle can be summarized by the statement that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. If you offer me $100 today versus $100 […]

The Climate Casino

In “The Climate Casino” by William Nordhaus, an economist at Yale, the science, economics, and politics of climate change are presented in a clear and thorough way. It covers the economic origins of the pollution that causes climate change, the science regarding its causes and effects, the economics of adaptation and mitigation strategies, the use […]