Final Post: Catalonia’s Independence Movement

Well, I’ve made it back to the ‘Burg, and I’ve also made it through a draft of my research paper on the Catalan independence movement. It’s sitting at fifty-one pages right now (apologies in advance to my advisor, who has to read the admittedly very rough version!), and I largely stuck to my outline, which […]

Update: Research on Catalan Independence Movement

The research is…going. I can’t deny that I wish I had made more progress by now; however, I have found the information I’ve been reading about quite interesting, so that helps. I’ve discovered (or rather, reaffirmed) that I struggle with distant deadlines. I’m most productive under pressure, so perhaps with August looming in the near […]

Causes of and Projections for the Catalan Independence Movement

Hi, my name is Cameron, and I’m a sophomore at The College. For my Monroe project, I will be writing a research paper on the Catalan independence movement currently taking place in Spain. By studying the history, culture, and economic structure of Spain versus its autonomous region of Catalonia, I hope to answer the question of why […]